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JDB Events warehouse

Things are changing at JDB Events

Things are changing very rapidly here at JDB Events. It is hard to believe that we are already over a quarter of the way through 2016!

We have so much exciting news to tell you about and what better way than for you to grab a cup of Coffee or Tea (your preference) and sit back for 5 minutes to find out our latest news and where it will effect you as our clients and friends.

Hopefully you now have a ‘Cuppa’ in your hand and are ready to hear the exciting changes at JDB!

The best place to start is probably with the biggest piece of news. In a little over 4 weeks time this website will have disappeared and replaced with a brand new bespoke design, which is currently being developed as we speak. To us first impressions count! Over the past few years it has served its purpose of being our ‘front door’. We now feel it is time to freshen it up and make it a little easier for you (as our clients) to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for a little quicker. Additionally with the new website will come a little additional design element to our company brand, which we hope you like!

At this point it is probably worth mentioning if you haven’t already noticed in the bottom left of the current website is what we are calling our little ‘bee hive’ where you can enter your email address to find out when the official launch date is. Be sure to pop your email address in and then check your emails for a confirmation email to make sure you have been added to the list and will be the first to know!

I am guessing by now if your a quick drinker that your ‘Brew’ is about half full or half empty depending on how you look at the glass.

So what else has changed I hear you ask?! We are really pleased to welcome to our team an amazing young and talented individual who goes by the name of George, who just tuned 17 last week! He has joined JDB Events on an apprenticeship scheme and has already made a big impact in splitting his time between both our Warehouse and Video team. Over the past few weeks George has produced post event videos for some of our Corporate Clients as well as assisting in the day to day duties within the warehouse.

More news I hear you say… With the ever growing expansion of both the business and our team we knew it wouldn’t be long before we needed to add another vehicle to the fleet. In December we purchased a custom made Maxi Mover Van to cope with these additions and as always we do say first impressions count so the van needed its own private registration. So say HE10 (Hello to) JDB if you see the team on your travels! We know it won’t be long before the next addition will join the fleet and have already been informed that a number plate has already been purchased for it.

If you have a few sips left of your cup of Coffee or Tea left by now your doing well…

Our final update of the year so far which will really impact on you as our clients is the further investment in more new equipment. Recent purchases include Chauvet Geysers, Moving Head Intelligent Lighting, Video equipment and yet more Quad Truss for rigging purposes. To find out more about all the new equipment we have purchased head over to our ‘bee hive’ on the left of the website and input your email address!

Finished your Cuppa yet? There is so much that has happened over the past few months I almost forgot.. If you enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea we now have a dedicated meeting area complete with orange table and chairs(who’d have thought!) so there is a place for us to make you a ‘Cuppa’ and discuss your requirements for your next event. Why not get in touch with one of the team today and if you fancy a biscuit with your drink let us know and we will have your favourites ready! We also promise to wash the cups!