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3D Visuals

When it comes to AV equipment and production, you understandably want to leave this to the experts - but that’s not to say that you don’t want - or shouldn’t have - input. Whilst you might leave the technical elements to an event production company, you should always feel in control and know exactly what will be happening at your event. Unwanted surprises and unexpected elements should not be part of working with an events company. This is why 3D visualisation services are so important; the most professional events companies - like JDB Events - will provide you with highly detailed, 3D visuals and renderings of exactly how your event will look on the day - so you can relax and yet still feel in total control.

Why JDB?

JDB Events have a team of in-house technical experts that have years of experience in developing highly detailed, 3D renderings of event setups and venues. They will work with you to ensure that they completely understand your requirements and, consequently, create a clear design that covers everything from lighting to staging and everything in between.

We appreciate that, when it comes to event production, the whole reason for hiring an events company is to take the weight off your shoulders - but the event should still be personal to you, reflecting your individual requirements and tastes. That’s why we undertake the design process with you - we don’t tell you how your event will look, we work right alongside you, providing you with complete support and our own creative input (as/where needed) yet allowing you as much input as you wish. 

From lighting to sound and PA systems, JDB events can offer a wide range of AV equipment for hire at your next event. Why not speak to the team about our range of set packages, or arrange a time to discuss a bespoke bundle that covers your exact needs? Contact us today on 0121 667 1444 - or get in touch via our Contact Us page.