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Conference & Roadshows

As Britain continues to become a hub for large, often multinational, blue-chip organisations, it becomes less and less practical to run a conference in just one venue; the need to tour is becoming more of a necessity for businesses that want to spread their message far and wide. It’s essential, then, that businesses opt for an event management company that can support this type of requirement, understanding and catering for the unique set of challenges that come with it. 

Why JDB?

Designed specifically to support the fast-paced industries of today, the Touring Conference Roadshow Packages from JDB Events ensure that your conference can be replicated in multiple venues with all the ease and professionalism of running a single-location corporate event. These packages - and the expert teams that manage them - ensure that quality is not affected and schedules are met with military precision, no matter how many venues you will be touring. What’s more, as well as a dedicated Event Manager and support from our Logistics Department, you will be provided with a point of contact here at the JDB Head Offices, offering that all-important, round-the-clock assistance when you’re on the road.

Thanks to our Full Conference Production, we can offer lighting, sound, projection, event management, crew, furniture and more for your corporate conference roadshow - all managed by our in-house specialists that will provide unique and original ideas whilst maintaining your corporate image and brand.

We understand that it’s crucial for you to feel in control of your event - even if it’s being managed by the experts. Prior to the roadshow - using 3D rendering - our in-house design team will produce an exact replica of what your conference roadshow will look like, leaving you with total confidence and assurance. What’s more, sound, lighting and video can all be programmed before you hit the road so you know exactly what to expect whilst also minimising setup times.  

Due to the central UK location of JDB Events (West Midlands), access to all areas of the country is simple, meaning travel costs are kept to a minimum and logistics are not affected.

If you’re interested in speaking to one of our team about booking a conference roadshow, give us a call on 0121 667 1444 or complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.