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Full Room Draping

With the ability to completely transform a generic room into an atmospheric location for your dream event, room draping is a highly effective yet extremely simple effect - and, fortunately for your venue provider, completely temporary. It’s essential, however, to work with an events company that has the expertise to hang the drapes professionally, creating the right look for your room, ensuring that the material falls beautifully and adds to the overall effect of your venue.

Why JDB?

With years of experience in professionally dressing rooms for a wide range of events, including full-scale weddings and blue chip events, JDB offers premium drapes made from the highest quality materials.

JDB stock several options of drapes in stock. Our white pleated drapes come with optional swag and can drape up to 4m high, including doorways. Whilst this is typically sufficient for most venues, please feel free to contact us and discuss the requirements for your individual location. What’s more, thanks to their neutral white colour, our venue drapes can be incorporated seamlessly into any colour scheme. Alternatively, why not take advantage of our LED uplighters, set to colours of your choice and projected on to the drapes themselves? It’s an effective yet simple way of adding mood lighting to any room.

Should white drapes not be your thing, not to worry as JDB also stock a wide range of black wool serge drapes. Black drapes can drape up to 6m in height and once again as with white draping we are able to provide drapes to go over the doorways for that full room drape effect.

If you are looking for the ultimate wow effect then star cloth in either black or ivory is what you will want to book. With a large amount of star cloth in stock available to hire even the biggest of venues is able to have the full room drape effect.

Thanks to our specialist pipe and base system, you will be pleased to know that our event venue drapes are freestanding and are not, in any way, attached to your venue’s walls. This means that there is no risk of marking or damage to the walls. Whilst we have the in-house capability and experience to dress the drapes for your venue, if you would prefer, we can offer a dry hire option, whereby we solely provide the drape materials for hanging.

Contact us today to discuss your full room draping requirements. In order to provide you with a fair and accurate quotation, we will need to learn more about the dimensions of the room or wall that you wish to drape. If necessary, we can arrange a site visit to assess your exact requirements. Get in touch on 0121 667 1444 or via our Contact Us page to learn more.